Wolfbite EP

by Wolfbite

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Recorded the only way we know how, DIY.



released May 16, 2012

Recorded and mixed by Jonny Weather. Artwork by James Dahlman.

Jonny Weather - Guitar, Vox
James Dahlman - Drums, Vox
Ryan Cacophony - Bass, Vox



all rights reserved


Wolfbite Richmond, Virginia

"Wolfbite hail from Richmond, VA and have existed in some form since the dawn of the apes. Their music is the epitome of gasm. If you are what you eat, Wolfbite would be Marty McFly. They. Will. Rock. You."---Whoopi Goldberg

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Track Name: Gunslinger
I belong among the stars
Gun by my side
Oh you blast me
Off into hyperspace so
I'll chase you like there's a bounty on your head

Engines blare as we blast off
And I feel alive
For the first time in fifteen years so
Now I can see the galactic layline!

Where are you, my rebel loner?
I wanna be an outlaw too
I think about it now every night I dream
To be an outlaw with you
Cause in space, I can't hear her crying

60 billion dollar man
60 billion more
In an instant, I-level cities so
Run from me like there's a bounty on your head

Looking back now years and years
I never thought
The XGP, it would find me
Now, Zero G's are what keep me alive!
Track Name: Blood
How many times must I call?
How many times must you write to me?
It's all in your head, It's all in my mind
It's all that's left of me

How many songs must I write?
To fucking get you out of my head
Shooting glue won't do or getting your name tattooed
Sanity's long overdue

I've lied
I've tried
A thousand times
It's too late
To save this place
Or see your face today

It's not worth your time
We know that's a lie
There will be BLOOD on you tonight, baby!
Track Name: The Weather
When you change your country, you study up on it
Here's some colorful ideas on how to get it done
Well, once there were these students from the SDS
And an uhappy fraction split way to the left

They said when there's violence all around you
Not acting at all is violence in itself
As the black panthers rose to power
The FBI shot down Fred Hampton defenseless

You don't need a weatherman, to blow up the capital
Just know when to blow up

They said they wanted us Americans to know what it was like
Bring the war home, you're the Charlie tonight but
Unlike Vietnam they vowed to never kill a soul
Shots at the government, blatant and bold

Symbolic tragedies for injustice
Action for action was rational in their heads, it made sense
But I don't condone violence any way, shape or form
But understand belief and understand desperate devotion