Second Helping

by Wolfbite

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Recorded and mixed in September-December 2012 by Ian Hurdle.

Produced by Wolfbite and Ian Hurdle.

Mastered by Bill from Azimuth Mastering.


released December 29, 2012

Ryan Cacophony - Bass, Lead vox, Guitar
James Dahlman, Drums, Vox
Jonny Weather, Guitar, Vox

Ian Hurdle - Additional guitar



all rights reserved


Wolfbite Richmond, Virginia

"Wolfbite hail from Richmond, VA and have existed in some form since the dawn of the apes. Their music is the epitome of gasm. If you are what you eat, Wolfbite would be Marty McFly. They. Will. Rock. You."---Whoopi Goldberg

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Track Name: SludgeMaster
The smell of cardboard
The smell it makes me sick and I'm done with it!

My blurry eyes
Felt this weight in my arms
I stare at skies in my prison on wheels
Miles down the road

Far, far away
From where I want to be

The smell of cardboard.
Dispatch is full of shit and I'm done with it!
Track Name: Letters Home
Dear you, I'm writing from abroad
How are things with you? It's been too fucking long
I have remorse for what I've done
Silence is deafening, I left you with nowhere to run

Time passes by with no goodbye

Can't believe I stranded you
Couldn't rely on me to follow through

Remember we were such good friends?
I thought you were hot you thought I was dead
It wasn't until we moved away
I started pushing you away

Can't believe I stranded you
Couldn't rely on me to follow through
As the years fly by I wonder why
I'm not there with you

I know this ain't what it used to be
Procrastination gets the very best of me
Track Name: Morphine
I need a shot of morphine each day
To keep the demons at bay
It takes so much just to stay
And keep from having, from having their way
So if I die and it seems like an accident
I wanted it that way
I fucking found an escape!

I don't want you thinking that I'm a fucking weakling
Plus I promised my Pa I'd keep some breath in my lungs
She broke a big one
So I guess I get a big one

Cuz my insides dried up when I stopped taking care of the little things
No water, No I don't want nothing to eat.
I gotta fake it for 2 more years I'll take it
Then God can place me in between a heavenly sleep
Cuz I'm a bad example of man
I couldn't handle every day things and I could never just be happy
All the pressure tightens, I squeeze my blood out slices
Made from my finger nails, they cut my body up so nice

(Repeat first verse)

And hope seems so watered down now
The fire in my heart is going out
And I can see my life swirling down
Down, down, down, etc.

Morphine, Morphine, Morphine, I need a shot of...
Track Name: Maeby
Maybe the French had it wrong
Cuz you were mine all along
Maybe you'll move away with me

Maybe you'll ditch that whiny bitch
Maybe we'll get hitched
I want to be your baby, Maeby.

Maeby baby, I won't go away
Maeby baby, I'm here to stay tonight

Let's get away from your family
I know that you'll agree that they bring you down
But when I'm around, I won't wear cut-off jeans!
Track Name: Gunslinger Redux
I belong among the stars, gun by my side
Oh you blast me off into hyperspace so
I'll chase you like there's a bounty on your head.

Engines blare as we blast off and I feel alive
For the first time in 15 years
Now, I can see the galactic lay line!

Where are you my rebel loner?
I wanna be an outlaw too.
I think about it now every time I dream
To be an outlaw with you
Cuz in space, I can't hear her crying...

60 billion dollar man, 60 billion more
In an instant, eye level cities so
Run from me like there's a bounty on your head

Looking back now years and years
I never thought the XGP
It would find me now
Zero G's are what keep me alive!